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Welcome to the Argonauts Tree Service Download Council Forms Page. Below is information about the merger between Gosford & Wyong Councils and how it effects you. Also below are links to each councils Tree Applications Forms.

Wyong, Gosford councils to voluntarily merge

On the 16th of November 2015, Wyong & Gosford councils voluntarily merged.

The Central Coast community can now have its say on the amalgamation of Gosford City and Wyong Shire Councils, after the State Government announced the official review of the proposed merger by the NSW Office of Local Government (OLG).

As part of this process, the OLG has appointed Mr John Rayner – former General Manager of Sutherland Shire Council – as its delegate to review the Gosford City and Wyong Shire merger.

This means that both Councils are now officially in what’s referred to as the ‘merger proposal period’.

During the merger proposal period the community will have the opportunity to have its say on the potential merger.

Mr Rayner will lead the community consultation, which includes public meetings and online submissions.

Allowing the community to have its say is an important part of the OLG’s review and Council is encouraging residents to get involved as much as possible.

How does this effect you.

What about the tree policies?

There is currently no change to tree policies that exist for Wyong and Gosford. You must fill out the application form for the shire your property is in.

Tree Policies are attached to the relevant Local Environment Policy (LEP) and so remain unaffected by the merger of the LGAs. It is unlikely there will be any changes to the LEP until a new elected body is in place and relevant process exhibition and community engagement has been undertaken.

The following links to PDF forms you are likely to need have been provided for your convenience.

Download Council Forms:

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Wyong Shire Council Changes:

A landowner can now remove any tree or vegetation on a residential property (less than 1500m2) without an application to Council, UNLESS the tree is a protected species or the property is heritage listed under Schedule 5 of Council’s Local Environment Plan,

If the residential property is larger than 1500m2, trees can be removed within 12 metres of any approved structure (meaning a house, garage or shed), unless again it is listed under Schedule 5 of Council’s Local Environment Plan,  To remove a tree further than 12 metres from a structure – an application is required.  You will need to download the Tree Works Application and fill in the applicable fields. Take a look at the pdf format sample tree application plan (433.04 KB) to help you fill out the form.


Gosford Council Changes:

• If you want to prune or remove a tree which is over 3m in height.

• If you want to prune or remove a tree which is more than 3m away from a Council approved building such as your house, garage or pool, as measured from the base of the tree to the wall of the approved building. This distance is to be measured one (1) metre above ground level and between the face of the wall and the part of the trunk nearest the building. An “approved building” means a building or part of a building which has been approved by Council under the EPA Act or LG Act or has otherwise been lawfully constructed but does not include; (a) a manufactured home, a moveable dwelling or associated structure or part of a manufactured home, a moveable dwelling or associated structure or (b) a temporary structure within the meaning of the LGA or (c) a structure included in the list of “exempt development” in the Gosford LEP 2014, GPSO or IDO 122.