Safety Checklist – 3 minute assessment

Try our 3 Minute Risk Assessment by simply answering a few basic questions below.

While this document is not a comprehensive tree and risk assessment, your answers will help alert you to potential risks that may require our professional services.

  • Do your trees add value to your home?
  • What variety of trees do you have?
  • Do they have a history of falling branches?
  • Do they look unhealthy?
  • Are trees overhanging the house, shed, pool, fences or neighbours property?
  • Are you worried about a tree or branch falling on your house?
  • Has an Arborist inspected the health of your favourite tree recently?
  • Do you know how to look after your trees?
  • Do your trees receive adequate water?
  • Are young children or elderly people living in the home?
  • When I look at my trees are they aesthetically pleasing?
  • Has a council inspector assessed my trees?
  • Are there visible dead branches in your trees?
  • Is there visible wildlife or habitat in my trees?

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