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Do you need Tree Removal Tuggerah. There are many tree removal business in Tuggerah NSW 2259, and finding a business that is trust worthy and reliable and that turns up on time is even harder. Argonauts Tree Service has been servicing the Tuggerah area for over 30 years and have a reputation build on trust and professional service

Do I need an expert to look at my trees when I need Tree Removal Tuggerah

It’s easy to think that trees are among the few great things in life that are free. They increase our property values, provide shade, give us autumn scenery and help create the air we breathe. But sometimes there may be a price.

To keep your trees healthy or to get rid of dying ones, you may want the benefit of professional advice, skill and labour. That is especially important as summer approaches and the Central Coast and especially Tuggerah has a history of sudden storms and unpredictable weather. Falling tree limbs can cause great damage to your home.

You don’t have to be an expert to spot many potential tree problems. Examine your trees several times a year for the following:

  • Discoloured leaves and thinning in the tree’s crown;
  • Roots pulled loose from the ground and fungal growth on roots and main trunk;
  • Dead and fallen branches more than 5cm in diameter;
  • Deep vertical cracks on opposite sides of the main trunk;
  • Sawdust on the trunk from wood-boring insects;
  • A trunk that noticeably leans in one direction and a branch canopy that is not roughly balanced;
  • And other unusual deformations and deposits on leaves, limbs or bark.
Storm damaged tree in S Tacoma Rd Tuggerah strapped together by Argonauts Tree Service Highly experienced staff

Storm damaged tree in S Tacoma Rd Tuggerah strapped together by Argonauts Tree Service Highly experienced staff

Tonkis St, Tree Removal Tuggerah

One of our cranes used to remove a 30m tree in Tonkis St, Tuggerah”

Other reasons for tree work include eliminating the risk to your house or to electrical or other utility wires from rubbing limbs or precarious overhanging limbs; letting light and breezes more readily reach your house, garden or lawn; and protecting foundations and drainage systems from invading roots.

In many cases, the problem and the solution will be obvious — removing specific limbs, for example. But sometimes it’s difficult to diagnose and treat trees. At those times, you need expert advice. Argonauts Tree Service offers a no obligation quote and will offer the correct advice on all your tree need.

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“Dear Paul,

I would like to convey my thanks to you and tell you how impressed I was with your service. It was a joy to deal with you and to find that all work was done so promptly and efficiently. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone.” “Catherine, North Epping (Rental Property in Tuggerah 2259)”

Just wanted to say thanks so much, did a great job @our house and pruning our Jacaranda tree. Both of the 2 young men that came out were professional, friendly and did a FANTASTIC JOB. Tree looks much better with the haircut. Highly and happily recommend! All the best.
“Helga, Tonkis St Tuggerah NSW 2259”

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