Block Clearing

We are Block Clearing Specialist – taking a no-hassle approach to clearing land, including tree and stump removal and ground levelling, to suit your individual requirements.Argonauts Tree Service specialise in professional, cost-effective and swift Block Clearing.

If you need land cleared for whatever reason, we have the skills, plant and equipment to clear the way with minimal fuss and disruption.

Our qualified tree surgeons can have your land cleared in next to no time, so you can focus on your development.

We specialise in:

  • New building sites & developments
  • “APZ” Asset Protection Zones for Schools & Government buildings.
  • Farm and paddock clearing
  • Fire breaks and trails
  • And also can provide, Excavators, Shredders, Bobcats & Slashers, Forest Groomers, Tree Sheers

Benefits of Block Clearing

Block clearing is an essential stage of development of commercial and residential projects throughout the Central Coast. Tree removal, stump grinding and pruning can also reduce the risk of bush, grass and wildfires by eliminating dense plantation, rotting trees and mulch.

In some cases our client may require a large block to be cleared for a new building or several acres of bushland cleared ready for major developments or firebreaks. This will often require a combination of climbing and dismantling certain trees around the boundaries.

We can also clear felling the remainder. However, in order to process the material as efficiently as possible we will often use much larger machinery, some of which includes:

Excavators and loaders – these 20 ton excavators are fixed with tree sheers to pick up whole trees and cut them and for stacking and processing, whilst the loaders can clean up the remainder.
Forest mowers – like the name suggests these machines can quickly mow down small trees and scrub, mulching them up without damaging the roots of the larger trees around if necessary, leaving a parkland within a few hours.


Argonauts New Excavators with Forest Groomer for Block Clearing

New Excavators with Forest Groomer

Argonauts New Excavators with Tree Sheers for block Clearing

Argonauts New Excavators with Tree Sheers

Argonauts New Excavators with Tree Sheers & Grabs for Block Clearing

Argonauts New Excavators with Grabs








We offer a free inspection and a no-obligation quotation for your block clearing project. To make a free appointment, please call us on 02 4355-4555 or complete the enquiry form.

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