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Crane Work. When removing trees or carrying out structural tree services, we always seek to minimise disruption and environmental impact.

Crane Work โ€“ For Neat, Low-Impact Removal

Crane Work โ€“ For Neat, Low-Impact Removal

To remove large branches and timbers from trees in a low impact manner, as well as removing large timber or logs from your property without damaging the immediate area, Argonauts Tree Service use our four wheel drive 7 ton Citi Crane when possible for low impact tree removals. The added benefit with this is that the cost of the work is often reduced compared to doing the whole job by hand

This is an integral part of our total tree removal service, to provide you with peace of mind that we have the skills, experience and equipment to provide you with a comprehensive and safe service with minimal impact to you, your neighbours and the surrounding area.

Here are some reasons why Crane work is chosen when performing tree works

  •  and as always, we keep our rates very low to fit your budget.
  • Trees in your backyard can sometimes be accessed easily from the driveway or street. This eliminates all those challenges you might face when trying to get rid of hard-to-reach trees.
  • Dead or dying trees can sometimes pose a very high risk for our Arborist to climb and dismantle by hand, so using a crane then becomes the safest way to remove the debris

We offer free inspection of trees and a no-obligation quotation if work is required. To make a free appointment, please call us on 02 4355-4555 or complete the enquiry form.

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