Stump Grinding

Aj Stump Grinding 2Tree stumps can be a nuisance, whether they’re in the way of a new lawn or patio, or at risk of regrowth. Many property owners choose to have their tree stumps ground to avoid any future re-growth or to avoid a rotting stump becoming infested with white ants or other potentially harmful pests. It also reduces the risk of a trip hazard.

Stump Grinding. Do I need my stumps ground?

Stump Grinding after the removal of a tree can also increase yard space and can make a useful space for replanting trees in the future.
We grind out the stump and surface roots to approximately 250mm to 300mm below the existing ground level.

Once a tree has been removed, part of the tree may still be buried in ground away from sight. If the stump is not removed in time, it may be sitting there rotting and can easily become home for termites, ants and other pests.

It can also get in the way of any future paving, landscaping or construction plans.  A stump that is left behind may also be a cause of tripping and injury, children and adults alike.

Many people think that if a tree is cut below ground level, then it can just be buried without worries.  This is not always true, and some species of tree are able to regrow from remaining root material which may be buried in the ground.

If the tree was removed for construction projects like building a house or garage, leaving the root ball behind can become a costly mistake years down the track that could have been prevented. At Argonauts Tree Service we can ensure that the stump is completely removed with the roots by stump grinding it away.

We offer free inspection of trees and a no-obligation quotation of recommended maintenance if required.

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One of our staff Safely Stump Grinding a stump

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