Tree Pruning

Trees Pruning can be a helpful service to your trees. Trees are a wonderful addition to any garden, grounds or public area, providing shade, natural beauty and benefiting the environment,. They can also represent a significant danger to you, your family and your property if not taken care of. Sometimes all that is needed is some Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning by Argonauts Tree Service

Tree Pruning from time to time, a tree may need pruning for many reasons:

  • To remove diseased or weather-damaged branches.
  • Remove branches that may have become dangerous.
  • If you tree is overhanging buildings.
  • Eliminate the risk of deadwood falling.
  • If a tree is crossing a property boundary.
  • Shape a tree for aesthetic purposes, improve balance.
  • Remove lower branches to prevent children swinging or playing in them.
  • To strike the right balance between providing shade and being safe.

When it comes to inspecting for damage, there are a few ‘warning signs’ which you may be able to see yourself:

  • Are there unusual bulges in the trunk or forks of the branches?
  • Is there running sap on the bark of the tree?
  • Are the forks of the branches cracked or splitting?
  • Can you see bracket fungus?
  • Is the tree dropping branches or leaves out of season?

Expert pruning is important in developing a strong tree, as well as improving a tree’s looks. Trees that are pruned from a young age will require less corrective pruning when they mature. However, all is not lost for older trees. We are experienced in corrective maintenance and can assist you in making your trees safe and attractive, whatever their age.

For your peace of mind, we offer free inspection of trees and a no-obligation quotation of recommended maintenance if required. To make a free appointment, please call us on 02 4355-4555 or complete the enquiry form

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